A legal network dedicated to creation
Un réseau d'avocats dédié à la création
Find an idea. Give it shelter. Let it grow.
Plant your teepee with us!
Photo by Chris Molloy, CC0 2018
About TIPI
TIPI Avocats is a network of French lawyers dedicated to new ideas and projects involving intellectual property and new technologies. We help you develop and expand your creations anywhere.

With an unique approach tailored to the size of your company and to the scale of your operations, TIPI Avocats contributes to your projects and makes them legally possible.
Upper left: "Office Buildings" by oatsy40, CC BY 2.0
Upper right: A2K Design, CC by-nc-sa 2.0, 2011
Lower left: Skitterphoto, CC0 2018
Lower right: "Legal Contract & Signature - Warm Tones" by Blogtrepreneur, CC BY 2.0
Our services
Intellectual Property
Copyrighted works, models and designs, trademarks and domain names
Personal Data
GDPR compliance, impact assessments, consultations and controls, DPO-as-a-Service
E-commerce, IT contrats (outsourcing, integration, development, Agile projects, etc.)
When your idea is at the crossing of several laws and regulations, TIPI makes it easier to see and to choose the right course of actions
When your idea requires some serious handshakes, TIPI helps you to gather everyone around the same table
When harsh decisions must be taken, TIPI helps you to reach an amicable settlement or to defend your interests in courts
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